With summer in its waning days, our thoughts turn to a few different things. Like how our kids are getting ready to hit the books, and fall is on its way sooner than we would like. What that means is we need to be getting to those last-minute summer parties, as well as preparing our properties for the onslaught of fall maintenance.

What does this mean for your outdoor living spaces? You’ve likely got a routine set for your landscaping – and if you don’t, definitely get with your landscaping pro friends – but maybe you haven’t paid attention to how drab, dirty, and dingy your patio has gotten since spring.

Just because summer is almost over doesn’t mean the party for your patio is at an end. So let’s help you keep your patio poppin’ through every season!

1. Sounds Like a Plan

Starting at the beginning’s a great place to start. But, before you can dig into the projects to get your patio to match your vision, you have to get to planning. It’s hard to realize an idea without the blueprint of what that vision entails, right?

Create a checklist of all your to-dos. Sort this list by priority, what you can do on your own and what you may need help with and budget. For example, you likely need a good pressure wash of your patio, so having your finned friends at Shark come out should be the top of that list.

2. Get Your Cinderella On

While pressure washing has enormous advantages, which we have and will continue to have, many blogs expounding its virtues, we do need a little bit of help from our clients to really get the job done right. So take out your broom and dustpan and get your sweep on!

Making sure to keep your patio swept, clean of any garbage and extra dirt will help with keeping pests at bay, algae and mold from multiplying, and damage from becoming too much to handle. If you need to, you can call your woodland creature friends to help.

3. Be the Seal

Depending on the material that comprises your patio, you may find the grout or seal is diminished and less than. If you are starting to see green growing between pavers or splinters rearing their ugly heads, you need to prioritize this as a top item on your to-do list.

The strategy that you use to seal your patio depends entirely on the material. If your patio is wood, sealing it to protect it from weather and making it less susceptible to damage will keep it strong and ready for the next party. When your patio is made with pavers, creating a sound and thick layer of grout between them will help prevent weeds from joining the party as the most unwelcome guests.

4. Let Your Patio Get Its Fix

This is when it gets dicey, friends. If you have plants growing up through your cement, but you don’t have pavers with gaps, that likely means you have cracks. Or even if you have wood and more than the occasional splinter, you may be in for some serious trouble.

These issues could indicate that some slightly more hard-core repairs are needed, and it’s time to get your fix on. So to continue to enjoy your patio, get to these pretty quickly in your checklist.

5. Put the Greenery in Its Place

Sometimes you just need to breathe a little easier. Life can be stressful. Plants help – as strange as that sounds, it’s true. And although it may seem a little extra, adding greenery to your outdoor space, where there is natural greenery, is a great choice to give your patio just the softness it may need.

6. Spruce Up the Surroundings

Adding plants and flowers to your patio is a great touch – but there is so much more potential for this space. Your patio or deck doesn’t live in a vacuum – it lives in a whole universe of outdoor living.

Keeping your landscape living its best life all around your patio will reflect on your hardscaping features as well. If your home’s exteriors are bright and shiny, your fences looking sharp, and your yard green and not so wild, your patio will look stellar right alongside.

7. Add It All Up

Go big or go home, right? Sometimes no matter how much sprucing, cleaning, and fixing you do to your patio, there are problems it just won’t solve. If there isn’t enough seating, you don’t have the grill of all grills, or simply enough space for your hot summer nights, adding features to your feature may be the solution.

8. Make Your Patio Hardy

So you’ve looked your patio over, and while it may not need any significant fixes, it might need a few minor ones. Get to those – like, right away. These minor issues may be small now, but just like most tiny things, like children and puppies, they will grow and grow until they become unmanageable (like children and puppies again). So to shore up your patio to weather any weather or foot-stompin’ get together, keep those minor repairs minor by getting to them right away.

9. Be High Maintenance

This is the non-negotiable one, folks. To prevent almost all issues that you may have with your patio, to keep it looking like a million bucks, to keep it the most kicking spot in the neighborhood to be, regular maintenance is a must. And the most critical part of this maintenance is…

10. Party on the Patio

… pressure washing! We bet you guessed that right! The benefits from soft or pressure washing your patios are so numerous that this maintenance task can solve almost any problem on this list (except maybe getting the grill of grills).

And who else to circle the wild waters of your outdoor spaces than the fin-tastic pros at SHarkProWash. When you chews us for your pressure and soft washing needs, you are getting the benefit of fin-credible experience and chompion quality work. SharkProWash creates results that make JAWS drop! 

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