With a culture built around a do-it-yourself mentality as we live in today, our eyes have been opened to so many projects that were once thought to only exist in the hands of professionals. Ecommerce has come so far in facilitating the crafty to live their best lives with places like Etsy.

DIY projects for a home improvement have soared to new heights as well. Some projects are innocuous and a fantastic way to help your home function better and look more beautiful – getting your kitchen gadgets, closets, and office organized and neat are terrific ways to practice your mad DIY skills. You can even go crazy and find a new theme to decorate your home!

Some home improvement projects are best left to the pros, though. For example, rebuilding a deck, adding to your home, even many landscaping efforts, are all tasks that require a certain level of training and skill the average person doesn’t possess – and power washing is something that tops this list.

Let’s take a look at the top seven reasons that power washing is best left to those with the right teeth to sink into the job.

Using the Wrong Amount of Pressure

The amount of machinery available for pressure, power, and soft washing are astronomical – so are most of the prices. When looking at tools that are appropriate for the job – whether it’s your house, fence, or screening that is crying out for a deep clean – if it’s not pro-grade, the machine’s likely not to have enough oomph to give the results you need.

If it is a professional machine, you will pay for it. A lot. Like, a lot a lot. And don’t have the skill and training to operate a device of this nature. These machines pack a lot of power in their punch, and unless you know what you’re doing, it often results in too much pressure on the surface.

Water Damage is Costly

You’ve taken the risk and entered the waters of power washing without the right crew for backup. But, you feel confident that it can’t be “that hard,” and you are up for it. So, you ready all of your equipment and start to take a bite out of your house – only, you actually kind of take a bit out of the house, without even realizing it.

There are two factors at play with power washing – pressure and water. When you exert enough pressure on the water and apply that to a surface, the water can enter spaces uninvited and wreak havoc. Walls with water damage are scary, friends. Mold is no laughing matter and proliferates where water remains undetected. This is, unfortunately, an easy task to accomplish when water can get under the siding.

Hurting the Environment is Never a Great Thing

As much care as we desire to take with our home, it’s important to remember to take care of our home… planet. Becoming more environmentally friendly to our ecosystem is the responsibility of us all. Power washing is actually a great way to get your property clean and a friend to the Earth.

Unless you don’t know what you’re doing, of course, if you’re unskilled in how to properly power or soft wash your home, you risk using harmful chemicals and way too much water in the task. Water waste is a significant source of the problem to our communities in terms of hurting the planet. Pros are well aware of how much water and pressure goes into cleaning your home, fence, and deck.

Wrecking Your Wood and Windows

Speaking of decks, let’s talk a bit about your fences and decks, especially the ones made of beautiful different types of wood. Wood is an excellent material for many things around our property – it gives a classic look, is hardy, and versatile.

Wood must come with a little different care, though, when it comes to cleaning. Soft washing is often the answer to cleaning your wood surfaces – and your windows and screens. Soft washing is also only best when done by the pros.

Leave You Unprotected

When we modify the property that we are financing, the bank and your insurance company often have rules that you must abide by. They can dictate what modifications you can make, how the upkeep of your property is managed, and more.

When you are trying to be responsible for your property by keeping maintenance up to date – not to mention keeping your home a happy and healthy place for your family to live – you must be responsible all the way. This means hiring the right people to get the job done right.

Costly Mistakes

If you undertake a job that you have no previous experience doing and something gets broken or damaged, as a result, the fallout can be expensive. Trust us, when you get your hands on a power washer with no skills, you risk severe damage to your property, which could cost way more money than you are prepared for.

Risk of Damaging the Most Important Thing: People

When it comes down to it, the most essential thing that is at risk due to ineptitude with powerful equipment is you. Or your family. The amount of pressure behind the water to get the surfaces clean is enormous, more extensive than many folks can handle.

The injuries that can occur to those who don’t know exactly how to do the job are hazardous. We are talking about life-changing dangers – broken bones, rendered flesh, really nasty stuff. So in a few words: please get a team of pros.

Do the Right Thing: Ask for Help

Don’t allow your property to be dead in the water because you can’t use the right equipment to do the right job. SharkProWash is just the team you need to get the job done professionally and safely. Our hunger for the best job is insatiable; our commitment to the hunt keeps our customer experience the best in the business – after all, we are dedicated to results that make JAWS drop!

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