The throws of spring cleaning have sprung. Windows are starting to gleam. Your cars have been thoroughly sudded up. Your floors are shining. It’s time to turn your eye to the great outdoors and check out your exterior.

Your walkways may look a little spotty. Patio furniture needs a good dusting. Your blow-up ice chest to float in the pool needs blowing up. And the exteriors of the house itself – goodness! You know you didn’t choose paint for the exterior that said “Grim Grime” on it!

Time for your home to get a good bath. And not just your home, but fences, screens, and more. So, the next step is picking a method, right? Wait, it isn’t all the same with power washing? Let’s explain why soft washing is the best method to go with for your home.

Soft Wash Vs. Pressure Wash – a Showdown of Clean

Pressure washing is fantastic. The power of water is power indeed, and watching a surface get meticulously clean from that power is hypnotic. But sometimes pressure washing is a bit overkill.

Depending on the surface being washed, there are some definitive downsides to pressure washing. We all know how pressure can be a good thing but that it can get powerfully overwhelming.

Soft washing still uses similar principles while toning down the pressure and adding some helpful elements to make up for the extra stress removed.

1. Gentle Means Less Damage

The number one reason why pressure washing may be a bad option for your surfaces on the exterior is, depending on the material, that pressure may cause damage. Imagine taking a jackhammer to a wooden deck – lousy combo, right?

The same principle applies to a hard pressure wash. Materials like wood, screening, and specific home exterior elements could sustain fairly significant damage from pressure washing.

Soft washing eliminates the risk of damage by taking the pressure down to a more manageable level. Adding in some gentle cleaning solutions helps balance out what’s lost in force.

2. Energy Saver Extraordinaire

Does your roof look darker than you remember when you moved in or had your home built? While that’s perfectly normal as your roof protects your home from the elements as the first line of defense, what makes up that darkness is a bunch of gross stuff that is costing you money.

Your energy bills are likely higher than you noticed at the beginning too. It’s the culprit of those dark spots on the roof – your HVAC system has to work harder due to the grime collected there on the top.

Soft washing is the perfect solution to help save your energy bills from taking mad hits.

3. Speaking of Being Green

We know that you likely caught our mention of “gentle cleaning solutions” that get mixed with the water to make up for the extra pressure lost in the process.

We should probably clarify this for you as in your mind, this may play out as “They are spraying a bunch of dangerous chemicals on my house, and that’s supposed to be LESS dangerous for us???”

To reassure you, all the chemicals used in the soft washing process are biodegradable and completely harmless to your family, pets, home, and environment. So breathe easy. We promise we are friends of our planet!

4. Nothing Looks As Good As Healthy Feels

Let’s circle back to your family’s health. While it may seem strange to connect soft washing your home’s exterior surfaces with your health, there is an incredibly strong correlation between the two.

You see, all different types of mold cling all too willing to surfaces that receive moisture – especially regularly as we do from our liquid sunshine here in Florida. As you are well aware, mold is super dangerous – to some who are allergic, it can be deadly – so making sure surfaces are cleared of it is a top priority to your health and the health of your family.

Soft washing removes all the mold, algae, mildew, and more from your home’s exteriors, patios, and walkways.

5. But It Is Nice to Have Both!

Have you ever checked out before and after shots of walls, fences, driveways, roofs, and patios when they have been soft washed? If you haven’t, you absolutely should!

A good soft wash on a property’s surfaces can completely transform the look of your home. Like, transform it so well, it will look like a brand-new home. What a way to celebrate the freshness of spring with a home that could work the runway!

6. A Long Life Is a Good Life

We all wish a long and healthy life to those we love, and for ourselves. Since our homes often become extensions of our personalities and part of our families, we also wish a long life for the place where we want to live our long lives.

When you decrease the chance of damage from things like pests, mold, and grime by routinely soft washing your roof, exteriors, fences, and patios, you promise your home the gift of a longer life.

7. Pestering the Pests That Pester Us

Pests are just the worst. They like to make their home wherever it’s least convenient, and they are least invited. So, let’s bug them the way they bug us!

Soft washing your home destroys the homes that pests build and keeps the surfaces nice and clean, which helps keep them uninvited!

8. Money-Saving Techniques

So, you are more than ready to take the next step and get your spray on! There are a few important things you need to know to save you some money before you begin. Most noncommercial equipment won’t do the job that we’ve described.

Getting your home – and especially your roof – professionally soft-washed could end up saving loads of money in expensive repairs due to damage. Notice we are emphasizing “professionally.” Pros have access to the right equipment and have been trained in the proper techniques.

Shark Pro Wash is the expert in soft washing you’ve been looking for. Our skills in the communities of Jacksonville, Fleming Island, Oak Leaf, Orange Park, and Mandarin are designed to make JAWS drop!

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