8 Things Around Your Property That Should Come Under Pressure

It may shock you to know, but we have been asked about the strangest things to be pressure washed – things that should never go under our nozzles. No, we won’t pressure wash your walls – on the inside. Nor will we attack your electric meters. And certainly, not brick that’s crumbling to pieces in front of our eyes.

The list of things that can handle the pressure is by no means small, however. Nothing is more satisfying than when we see the incredible results of a roof freed from the bonds of mold and algae, and your fences looking like they just were installed, or your decks rocking just in time for your next BBQ.

Your Roof

The foundation of your home comes in two parts: the solid foundation that lies underneath your home and the roof that covers it, protecting the interior from the elements. Your roof takes the brunt of most of what our climate has to offer, including torrential downpours and even some lightning strikes. All of this can cause detritus and things like mold and algae to grow on the roof’s surface.

One of the number one issues with the roof is that it is, well, the roof. As it caps the top of your house, it is also the highest up place of your home. That makes it difficult to access and unable to see what is growing or existing outside your field of view.

When you have the right equipment, proper materials, and just the proper pressure, you can conquer your roof surface and ensure it stays healthy. A healthy roof will help keep the interiors of your home healthy as well. Prolonging the life of your roof with pressure washing as part of your maintenance schedule can be a significant money saver in the long run.

Your Home Exterior

The exteriors of your home also act as a barrier to protect the inside, including your family and furnishings. Your walls create a boundary to continue the work of your roof in keeping out the elements. Siding is susceptible to the growth of mold and mildew, especially here in the land of liquid sunshine. Our homes take a regular battering of strong wind and rain – this can be difficult to combat.

Making sure your home is on a regular maintenance schedule of pressure washing or soft washing, depending on your siding material, will help keep your exteriors strong and healthy and ensure that the interiors stay safe.

Your Decks

Through processes like soft washing, your wood decks can handle the rigors of pressure washing too. When decks are not regularly maintained, they run the risk of breaking down, and that could cause a major catastrophe. Having your deck surface soft-washed can keep its integrity intact as well as help your deck look phenomenal!

Your Patios

Your patios especially are easy to maintain with regularly scheduled pressure washing. Most patios are made of sturdy material like cement and can take the fierce attack of a solid pressure wash. Your patio surfaces should be part of your maintenance regiment, alongside your decks, roof, and driveway.

Your Driveway

Many may not consider their driveway as an integral part of their maintenance schedule. Still, your driveway regularly takes a beating from the weight of vehicles and the dangers of leaking fluids like oil and such.

Not only can these things cause a safety hazard for your family as they tend to sit on the surface of your driveways, but they can also cause damage to the driveways themselves. Because driveways are made of hard material like cement, they are an excellent candidate for pressure washing.

Your Walkways

Ok, so your roof, exteriors, and driveways may make sense as far as getting a good cleaning done on the regular. But let’s face it: it rains A LOT here in Florida, so why on earth would your walkways need to be pressure washed?

This is a valid question with a simple answer. Your walkways get rained on A LOT here in Florida – meaning it is subjected to the same risks as your roof and exteriors of developing things like mold and mildew. In the pores of the material, these unhealthy things can collect and put your family at risk. Pressure washing cleans out these pours as a great facial does for your skin, leaving them glowing and gorgeous.

Your Fencing

Do you want to guess as to why you need to get your fences pressure washed? You guessed it: releasing them from the dangers of dirt, grime, mold, and mildew. Most materials that make up fences carry a risk to accumulate these gross elements that can seriously hurt your family and friends.

And don’t worry – while you may be concerned whether your fence can handle the pressure, it’s no weakling. Soft wash is built for things like decks, fences, and our next star of the show.

Your Screen Enclosures

Floridians are famous for loving our screen enclosures to protect our pools and Florida rooms from insects and other pests. But we aren’t always good about cleaning the screening, mainly because most of us don’t have the know-how. A clean screen is a screen that can withstand more of the elements as it remains strong and bound together well.

Soft washing helps get your screens looking good as new and, more importantly, strong as the day they were installed. Adding longevity to any of your property surfaces helps retain and even increase your home’s value!

Your Professional Finned Friends (is who you should call for all of the above)

While it’s a tough job that somebody has to do, that somebody shouldn’t be you. Pressure, power, or soft washing is best left to the sharp skill and know-how of the team at Shark Pro Wash. Our shiver of pros works seamlessly with our equipment to make a clean meal of your exterior’s unsavory invaders. The results of our power make JAWS drop!

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