Not a Smoke Screen – Facts About Cleaning Your Screens

You’ve likely spent the last couple of months checking over your pool, ensuring that its surface is clean, filters working, heater going. The excitement of daily laps for the family is starting to mount – let’s be honest, those laps may have already started.

Understandable that your focus would be on the pool itself – it’s a significant investment for your home. However, you may have a gorgeous patio, sans a pool. Or you may not be accounting for the areas that are surrounding the pool itself.

No matter the steps you’ve taken so far in readying your best entertainment spot for the coming summer, make sure part of your plan is to take care of your screens.

We understand how easy to overlook they may be due to their transparency. But we bet if you were to go and take a closer inspection of them, you’d notice they aren’t quite as transparent as you may think.

Why is cleaning your screens for enclosures important?

Making sure your screens for your home and any enclosures stay clean can come down to a matter of health for you and your family. The screens surrounding your patios serve to protect your outdoor living spaces from insects – a fact known all too well here in Florida.

Screens also serve to protect you and your family from other critters and pests as well. Forget not, though. They also trap things that make them less likely to invade your patio.

Pollen = Obnoxious

Every year, especially in the last one, pollen counts grow higher and higher. This year allergens climbed to unprecedented levels, leaving people who have never had allergies in their lives suffering from severe allergy symptoms for the first time.

While your screens are doing a great job collecting the pollen, so it doesn’t collect on the surfaces of your patio or pool, it does have the worst habit of keeping it trapped there in their mesh. If it stays trapped in the mesh, then you’re risking exposure to the danger that pollen presents any time you are enjoying the space.

One of the best ways you can make sure you can release the pollen safely from your screen would be with a powerful and safe soft wash.

Messy mold and mildew

Another silent and even more potent and invisible danger to the health of those you love is something that we must keep a constant vigilance of here in Florida. Mold and mildew thrive on moisture – our beautiful Sunshine State never lacks in moisture.

Pollen is usually identifiable instantly by its yellow annoyance, covering surfaces all over the state. Mold and mildew play a more dangerous game, though, as they aren’t nearly as visible, especially if the screening is a darker color. The smell on screening that surrounds a chlorine-filled pool may, too, be masked.

Fortunately for you, with a bit of prep work, a professional’s help, and soft washing of your screen enclosure, you can help prevent the spread of it any further into your home and hurting your loved ones.

Do a little prep work…

Even when you hire a professional to do a job within the area of their expertise, there are things you as a homeowner can do to make their jobs easier and more efficient. When you prepare your pool and your patio areas, look at the area’s screening to evaluate if these elements have affected it.

Your skill at a couple of typical household-type chores will come in handy at getting the area ready for the experts to come and take a bite out of the problem.

Clean sweep

You’ve likely already taken a broom to your patio, perhaps even multiple times this season. No matter how great a job your screens do, keeping every speck of dust out isn’t possible without some sort of really cool airtight biodome (if that’s the case, you’re inviting us all over for a BBQ, right?)

So you’ve spent some time breaking out your broom and dustpan, making a clean sweep of your patio space. It’s an easy chore to incorporate into your weekly routine. Great job, by the way!

But have you thought about tackling the screens with a brush of some sort? Taking a swipe of your screening can help loosen anything that has gotten stuck and can give the experts a clear idea of the gathering spots for all those nasties we’ve already mentioned.

Make this a part of your routine, even outside of the soft washing to your screening. This helps keep your family healthy and happy – and your screens looking great! 

X marks the spot

While you are “dusting” your screening, you may notice some spots that are being stubborn. These may be spots where some sap residue has collected, mold has grown a little thick, or grime has found itself a lovely home and is refusing to vacate the premises.

It’s a great idea to mark these trouble spots, perhaps by taking pictures of them, to notify your power washing pros so they can take extra care with these areas. While the experts will do a fantastic job at being thorough with your entire screening, this extra step, while not mandatory, helps them know precisely where buildup is, especially for routine maintenance down the road. 

We’ve mentioned your actual patios quite a few times as well. While you’ve been checking them out, you’ve likely noticed a few spots where they could use some TLC itself. Especially depending on the type of material your patios are made of, a deep and gentle soft wash may just be the plan of attack that you need to get your outdoor entertaining area ready for play this summer.

Circling your power washing project with a keen eye and attention to detail is what the team at Shark Pro Wash does best. We work together with our customers to make a splash of your outdoor living spaces and leave you more than satisfied. We over roof washing, house washing, pressure washing, window cleaning, and more!  Serving Jacksonville, Fleming Island, and Mandarin, FL with superb service and expert technique is where we set our bar – and then jump higher – with premium results so good, your JAWS will drop!

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