Our bet is you didn’t wake up this morning thinking about the health and wellbeing of your fence. More than likely, your thought was, but my bed needs me! Or perhaps it was where the coffee is? Either way, the health of your fence did not come up in the conversation in your head.

But maybe it should. The overall structure of your fence can depend on you thinking about it every once in a while. But how do you make sure your fence not only stays intact but stays stable for many, many years to come? Here is when your thoughts should circle the idea of pressure washing your fence.

The Ins and Outs of Pressure Washing

Let’s talk about pressure washing and how beneficial it is to many surfaces outside your home. Your driveways, pathways, home facade, and roof are what people often think of when considering pressure washing. Often though, your decks, patios, and fences get left out of that line of thought.

While that is normal, shifting the perspective is essential here. While getting your roof cleaned and other parts of your home are critical to their health, your patios and fences also contribute to that.

Then There’s Soft Washing

The reason why your patios and fences get left out of the equation may be because we assume that pressure washing may be too harsh for those surfaces. This is very common. But not entirely true! A practice called soft washing is under the pressure washing umbrella but is not as harsh on surfaces that need a gentler approach.

Soft washing uses very similar techniques as pressure washing but usually includes environmentally safe chemicals and less pressure to get the job done. Soft washing works great on surfaces like fences that require a little bit more finesse.

Material Things – What Type of Material is your Fence?

How your fence gets cleaned and the problems you will have down the road will depend on the type of material used for your fence.

Sometimes if your fence vinyl or plastic, there are fewer risks of damage involved – or at least the risks can be different. If your fence metal, that presents very different challenges. If your fence is wood, which is the most common, then it is a different set of issues.

Typically, vinyl fences are some of the best fences to have in terms of longevity and maintenance. These fences usually don’t risk erosion or breaking down like many other materials might. However, vinyl fences are often at the most risk of mold and mildew attaching themselves. Getting your vinyl fence cleaned at least once a year can help mitigate that risk.

Fences made of metal, of course, tend to run a risk of rust. Now you may be thinking that pressure washing might be the worst thing you can do since it uses water, and we all know how water and metal mix. However, that is not necessarily the case as it blasts all the grime and gunk that can keep the water attached to the metal, causing the rust.

Wood fences are common breeding grounds for mold and mildew, as they can seep into the grain where you may not see it. When anything nasty like these, grime, and dirt buildup on a wood fence, your wood will start breaking down and decomposing. A great soft wash regularly can help protect your wood from this breakdown.

Looking Good – Like New!

Of course, let’s be honest: wow, making maintenance easier, protecting the longevity of your fencing, and preserving the health of your family are all very important; you want something that looks spectacular too. You may have chosen your fencing based on meeting a particular aesthetic that goes with your property. Or maybe your fence reminds you of a beloved spot from your childhood. No matter the reason, the look of your fence is essential too.

And not just because you like it. Preserving and increasing your property value is something we all strive to do with our homes. Studies have shown over and over that outdoor spaces are a great way to increase the value of our homes; this includes your fence.

Making Maintenance a Breeze – One Power Wash at a Time

The less you do, the bigger essential things like soft washing your fences and decks, the more likely you will have to do some hardcore maintenance that will eat up your time, energy, and wallet.

If you choose to take the path of least resistance and not maintain your fence at all, you run a severe risk of mold, mildew, dirt, and grime taking a massive bite out of the life of your fence. Replacing an entire fence is incredibly costly and very difficult. You can negate the need to do this for many years to come with proper maintenance of the outside surfaces of your home that include pressure and soft washing.

These practices increase the life of your surfaces like fences, patios, and decks, but they make them safer for your family. Mold and mildew are serious issues that can cause significant health problems for both the human and furry members of your family. Pressure and soft washing the surfaces outside of your home can help make them look amazing and help you feel fin-tastic!

Let Your Pros Tread These Waters!

When treading the ocean of pressure washing and the like, your safety is of the utmost importance to us. Using the proper equipment, understanding how pressure washing works, and years of experience don’t come easy to everyone – not to mention that it could easily break the bank!

Shark Pro Wash has spent years navigating the tides of pressure washing, learning the skills it takes to keep our clients safe and satisfied throughout the communities of Jacksonville, Fleming Island, and Orange Park. Your chums in the industry are committed to providing results that make JAWS drop!

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