Superior quality pressure washing, roof cleaning, and house washing in Belleair, FL and its surrounding areas.

Our team of professionals offers comprehensive cleaning services for commercial and residential properties in Belleair, FL! This town has origins that date back to the late 1890s. It has a rich history and wonderful parks that help you capture that “Old Florida” vibe. While we always come to our jobs with enthusiasm, working in the area of Belleair makes it even easier to have positive vibes and a relaxed mood!

In Belleair, the professional cleaning industry has plenty of fish in the sea. Why choose to swim with us?

  • SharkProWash is focused on providing superior quality services. We know just how to attack the mold, dirt, and grime on your surfaces!
  • We are at the top of the customer service food chain. Our responsiveness to clients is second to none!
  • We are the apex predators of professionalism in our industry.

What can we do for your property in Belleair, FL?

Pressure Washing

Get ready for a feeding frenzy! When we attack the dirt and mold on your property, the results will drop JAWS! Our professional team has the knowledge and experience to know when to utilize lower pressure, or soft washing techniques. This helps us guarantee there is no damage to your property.

House Washing

Our soft washing techniques will have your home looking pristine! Our experts are always careful to use the proper techniques to make sure there is no damage to your house’s exterior.

Window Cleaning

Need some time for you? Let us take a bite out of your to-do list! When we clean windows, you’ll see the difference! Your windows will sparkle and there will be no streaks left behind!

Roof Cleaning

Want to add years to the life of your roof? And skip risking injury? We can help your roof look brand new, thus increasing your property value and protecting it from future damage.

Screen Enclosures

Moldy screen enclosures are a common Florida problem. Our climate’s heat and moisture makes it easy for mold to form on many surfaces, including screen enclosures. By investing in professional cleaning, you can improve the health and safety conditions on your property.

Gutter Cleaning

Want to add years to your gutters and roof? Let our team attack the mold, leaves, dirt, pests and other clogs in your gutters! This helps us preserve your landscape, roof, gutters, and overall safety.


We are here for your professional cleaning needs Belleair, FL!

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