Dangers Untold

Putting your home’s surfaces under pressure offers an ocean of great benefits – benefits that can help you save money, be healthier, and give your home that runway look.

The various surfaces of your home may need to be attacked with different washing methods – pressure, power, or soft. Variety may seem sweet, but these methods can be downright dangerous if you don’t have the training and experience.

Now wait a minute – isn’t “dangerous” a bit of an exaggeration? It’s just spraying some water at the house and letting the dirt and grime fade away, right? It’s not like swimming with sharks or anything, right?

Ok, so maybe it isn’t quite like diving with great whites, but pressure, power, or even soft washing without the know-how can absolutely be dangerous. Not only do you risk damage to your property’s surfaces, but you also risk electric shock and injury to yourself or loved ones.

Let’s dive into the seas of pressure, power, and soft washing and see what dangers lie there. 

On the Surface…

You may be starting to accept that pressure washing can be a dangerous thing – the most apparent reason is high pressure plus certain surfaces equals disaster. And you would be – mostly – right.

Certain surfaces like concrete, which help make a lot of our driveways and pathways, can stand up to the rigors of power washing. Power washing combines the power of pressure washing and the heat of a thousand suns (ok, maybe not THAT hot) to blast your troubles (dirt, grime, and slime) away.

But use something like power washing on shingles, wood, fences, and many more materials, and you won’t be blasting away your troubles – you’ll be creating new ones. Even if you are using pressure washing or soft washing, you can still risk damaging your surfaces without the training to back up its use.

It’s Electric

Your home and property’s surfaces could all use a good clean, this we’ve established. But you’re still thinking it could be an excellent opportunity to practice your DIY skills by purchasing expensive machinery that you don’t have experience with and getting busy with the blasting.

We will likely repeat this several times in this blog – please don’t do this. Not only do you risk damage to your home and property surfaces by using too much pressure on materials that can’t handle it, but you could also get quite the shock for your DIY project – and we aren’t talking about how expensive the equipment is.

Electrical systems and water DO NOT mix, friends. We know you know this, but we need to reiterate it, as many components exist outside the home that power the inside. While many systems are protected from the elements, the sheer force of H2O from pressure washing can still wreak havoc on your electrical systems, delivering damage to your home and risking severe injury. Thus, leading to our number one dark side of pressure washing…

Don’t Hurt Yourself

Again, if you are considering experiencing the pressure of pressure washing yourself – and you haven’t any experience or training in it – please don’t.

Imagine you lose grip on the equipment, and the spray travels (in slow motion, from your point of view) through the air, reaching the ground and going across your toes. While you were wise enough to be wearing closed-toe shoes, the water, under its incredible pressure, cuts through those shoes like a shark through the sea.

This story and many more like it happen every day from inexperienced and untrained hands taking ahold of pressure washing equipment. Injuries to hands, feet, and other various parts of the body are standard (the CDC has an entire page dedicated to pressure washing safety). Don’t make yourself a statistic when there are better options.

Come to the Light Side

Pressure washing is essential to keeping your home’s health moving along swimmingly. Although not as crucial as other reasons on this list, watching someone pressure wash your surfaces is cathartic and mesmerizing. Just seeing the dirt, grime, mold, mildew, bugs, and more melt off your home like vanilla ice cream, topping apple pie is relaxing.

Yes, we said mold, mildew, and pests, friends. Unfortunately, these things are likely invading your unwashed outdoor spaces as we speak. And since we don’t want you to risk your health, what can you do to take care of these issues?

Healthy Living

When you hire a professional pressure washing team, you are completing a physical on the health of your home, one that can have your property coming away with a clean bill of health. With grossness like mold and mildew clinging to surfaces like your roof that aren’t easy to see, your family’s health is in danger. It really is THAT simple.

Mold, mildew, and various pests like to make their homes in places that are hard to see with the naked eye – and can be a challenge to rid yourself of once embedded. Pressure washing is one of the best and most cost-efficient ways of handling the problem before there is one.

You’ve Got the Look

Let’s circle back to how watching the power of the pressure wash away the cares of your property surfaces makes you feel. Seeing your home transform from drab to fab makes you feel like a million bucks, and your home looks like it. A great-looking home isn’t just a matter of pleasing aesthetics to you – it’s a matter of a big payout when you’re ready to put it on the market.

Property values can skyrocket when you have kept regular and routine maintenance up on your outdoor spaces. Lawn care, flowerbeds, well-appointed patios, and pressure washing are all fantastic tools that can help you recoup any cost – and then some.

Know-How is Pro-How

Navigating the waters of pressure washing is not something you should dive into alone. The team at SharkProWash are your friends with a bite that can take your property’s surfaces from gray to slay, from bleak to chic. SharkProWash is your premier partner that gets results that makes JAWS drop!

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