Time Is of the Essence: When & How Often To Clean Your Exteriors

Life is all about timing. That’s why things like spring cleaning, summer vacations from school, and a perfect steak, cooked to just the right temperature all matter so much. When you make improvements and updates to your property, that is often based on timing too.

When you choose to update your furnishing, fertilize your lawn, or paint your home, these are great examples of how important timing can be, even around your little piece of the universe. Timing is essential too when you choose to clean all our properties exteriors.

Many questions likely spring to mind when confronted with the fact that your exteriors need a thorough bath. How do I get it clean? What happens if I don’t get my home pressure washed? Is it just my home that needs cleaning? And on the subject – when should I do all this?

On the surface: what surfaces need to be washed?

When it comes to exterior surfaces, what needs a good strong shower may be thrown into question. You may think that it’s simply the exterior walls of your home are the only surfaces that need a scrub – but you are missing some critical surfaces that could use the cleaning, too.

Your roof is a significant no-miss on your exterior cleaning list, perhaps the most important one. To protect the thing that protects you from the elements, a vigorous cleaning is crucial. Washing your roof can help save you money on energy bills, too – bonus!

Fences, walkways, driveways, decks, and patios can feel the love of pressure too! All of these surfaces develop grime and dirt over time, which can lead to really unhealthy things. Taking a bite out of the bad stuff is a great way to keep your home healthy and happy.

What kind of day is a great day for a wash?

Any day that ends in “Y”? When we ask what’s a great day to get a wash, we mean the type of day, of course! Do you know how you don’t want to wash your car on a rainy day or mow your grass when it’s just rained? There are times better than others to get your exteriors squeaky clean.

Picture it: gentle, fluffy clouds rolling lazily by. The sun is strong but not scorching. This – this is the day that is perfect for your home’s exterior surfaces to get pressure or soft-washed. Warm and earlier in the day is perfect for washing the exteriors and allowing them time to dry thoroughly and safely.

Is there a better time of year to wash my exteriors?

Although we aren’t prone to the condition of regular “seasons” like much of the rest of the country, there are still times of the year that work a bit better than others for the positive pressure of an exterior wash here in the Sunshine State.

As we know, the rainiest part of our year is a bit reversed from the rest of the United States, in that late spring to early fall is when it rains (and pours!). This elemental exposure is when the risk of the grossest of the gross stuff has a chance to settle onto your home. Due to this, early spring and late fall are great times to get your exteriors serviced.

How many times a year is best for a good scrubbing?

We’ve nailed down the type of day and time of year for a sparkling wash of your property’s exterior surfaces. As cathartic as it might be to watch these surfaces’ nastiness be washed away with the power of pressure, unlike your car, cleaning them all once a week or so maybe a bit excessive (although window washing may be a bit more frequent).

The rule of thumb is typically to get pressure or a soft wash of your roof, walls, patios, fences, screens, and more at least once a year, up to twice – depending on how much buildup of the bad stuff there has been.

The type of wash: what works best for which surfaces?

All of your property’s surfaces will look simply fin-tastic after pressure or soft wash! Yes, there are multiple options for the type of wash of your home, and this mostly depends on the material of each surface.

Some exteriors don’t handle the pressure of pressure washing nearly as well as others – and are actually at high risk for damage as a result. Luckily, there is a great option in soft washing (lower pressure, environmentally friendly washing solution) for surfaces like shingles and wood that aren’t as big of fans of the pressure.

What are the biggest issues that arise in Florida without pressure washing?

You’ve seen us speak consistently about the nasty, gross things that can pop up on the exterior surfaces of your property. But how bad can they really be? Like, it’s just dirt, right?

“Just dirt” doesn’t begin to cover what could be festering on your walkways, roof, walls, and driveways. Your drive tends to get slick with oils and other fluids from your cars over time, and that buildup can become a literal headache if you slip and fall as a result.

And your roof and walls? We live in one of the most humid states in the country – and what breeds in moisture like that but dangerous mold. Mold can easily infiltrate your home directly through your walls and your roof. Keeping “just dirt” off these surfaces is also severely minimizing the risk of hurting your family’s health by eliminating mold, mildew, and algae.

What are the best reasons to let the pros have at it?

Pressure or soft washing can be dangerous and costly to do on your own, without the expertise and the proper equipment. SharkProWash de-fin-itely has the know-how and the right team to take the pressure off you to get your exteriors clean – our communities of Jacksonville, Fleming Island, and Orange Park benefit every day from our top-notch customer experience. Let us show you how we make JAWS drop!

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