When you think about health and wellness threats that affect your home, you probably envision interior issues such as dusty HVAC ducts, electrical dangers, spoiled food, or trip hazards. However, the exterior of your home can also influence your family’s health and wellness for better or for worse.


If you want to make your residence as safe and supportive of your wellbeing as possible, give serious thought to scheduling professional home washing services. Take a look at four wellness threats that these services can eliminate or at least greatly reduce.


1. Mold


Mold grows wherever it finds sufficient moisture and sustenance, including your home’s exterior siding, roof, and gutters. As it grows and thrives in damp areas, it releases spores that float through the air. Residents and guests may then inhale the spores and experience a variety of health challenges as a result.


People allergic to mold can suffer from red eyes, a runny nose, and sneezing fits if they inhale airborne mold spores around your home. They can also develop a skin rash if they touch spores on your exterior siding. If you have asthma, mold exposure can set off an attack of this respiratory disorder.


Fortunately, professional soft washing can remove these mold accumulations from your home’s exterior surfaces. Home washing specialists use non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning solutions to wash away the mold and discourage it from coming back, allowing everyone in your home to breathe easier.


2. Bacteria


The same moisture that hosts bacteria can also support the countless strains of bacteria that seem to proliferate everywhere. The rainwater that hits your roof or siding may already contain bacteria. Meanwhile, the mulch in your landscaping promotes the growth of bacteria that can spread to your home’s exterior and driveway.


Homeowners and occupants typically track lots of bacteria into their homes via their shoes. The more bacteria you have on your home’s exterior surfaces, the more of these germs you expose yourself to. Home washing with professional-grade cleaning solutions can help reduce this particular disease threat.


3. Pests


Your home’s exterior can play host to a wide range of pests. These uninvited guests often settle into gutters and other parts of the exterior that harbor ready sources of moisture. Cockroaches, mice, rats, birds, squirrels, and other creatures can carry diseases and damage your home’s structures, making it less safe to live in.


A professional wash can cleanse your roof and gutters of bugs and vermin, providing you and your loved ones with a healthier home. If pests have migrated into interior zones such as the attic or basement, your home wash team may refer you to a pest control expert for additional assistance.


4. Loose Debris


You’ve probably seen stray tree branches and leaves on your roof after a heavy storm. In fact, winds blow this kind of debris onto rooftops all year round. Much of it slides into the gutters, but some of it may hover threateningly over your head or even fall on you as you stand outdoors. Loose debris in your driveway poses potential trip hazards.


Since climbing around on your roof to remove loose debris presents even more danger, let power wash professionals take care of this problem for you by using water to rinse the roof clean. You can then rake the debris off the ground and dispose of it safely, taking care not to expose yourself to any allergens.


SharkProWash has the tools, services, and expertise to help you maintain both a healthier home and a more beautiful one. In addition to our house-friendly combination of pressure washing and soft washing techniques, we can also clean your roofs, gutters, windows, and screen enclosures. Contact us today.

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