Here in Florida, we are no strangers to living in extreme weather. We have above average amounts of rain and a hurricane season that lasts literally half the year. Our homes are often our single biggest financial investment, and adequately protecting that investment from the elements is crucial to investing wisely.

We all know a home cannot exist without two things – the foundation and the roof. Without a stable building spot, everything is likely to crumble. Without a covering to protect everything that resides inside, the same structure will crumble as well. Protecting our roof from the elements seems easy in Florida because we get so much natural washing from the rains throughout spring, summer, and fall. This is a major misconception.

While the rain tends to cleanse many things, the only thing positive it does for the roof of your home is to wash away some of the debris that may come to rest there. However, it doesn’t get all of it, and that same rain causes issues. There are a few important reasons why we recommend you let the experts at Shark Pro Wash take care of you by taking care of your roof.

The Hidden Raiders: Mold and Algae

Let’s face it: you likely don’t take time out of your everyday routine to inspect your roof closely for what may be growing on it, taking special note of discolorations and such. Even if you did, you would likely think dirt may be a little thick up top, too thick for the rains to wash away.

It’s far more likely that you have noticed that it doesn’t look quite as new as it once did, or even after the leaves have been washed away from the last storm, there still seems to be something up there – all as you casually glance from time to time.

You are likely not seeing the familiar molds and algae that will easily grow and spread in an area that receives so much rainwater. Gloeocapsa magma is the technical name for algae, and Florida has it in spades. If your trees are throwing some shade on your roof, you almost definitely have some hiding out there.

Because of the way it grows, you may not notice the algae’s colors, as you would likely need to be up close to see it well. The same applies to the various molds that grow in perpetually damp spots – mold is notoriously darker, so you might mistake it for extra shade or left-over moisture from the rain.

These dangerous bacteria can cause a whole host of damage to your roof – and in turn, the rest of your home. Your shingles are great places for the bacteria to take refuge. As they spread easily in our humidity, they can take a little staycation in your ceilings and walls if given a chance to explore. Wood rot is expensive to repair and difficult to catch until it’s too late, so paying to ensure your roof has regular maintenance on it will help in many ways. Preserving the life of your roof will help save loads of money in the long run.

Your Home: A Thing of Beauty

You’ve worked hard to create a home out of your house. But your palace may one day make its way into the hands of another, and you want to reap the rewards of your careful investment. To do this, you must make sure that your home has that all too important catchphrase: curb appeal.Things to Know About Roof Cleaning

It’s amazing the difference a good cleaning makes! Most people think their homes are beautifully clean and pristine when getting them market-ready. There are a few things that you can do to go that extra step.

Have you seen a before and after of a roof that has had a good soft washing done? If you have, you know what we are talking about. The difference in the look of your home can be drastic. Partner it with fantastic house washing, window cleaning, and full interior gutter cleaning. Your home will look brand new.

Save Your Energy

Your energy bill is likely not the first place your brain will take you when you think of getting your roof spic and span – but maybe it should be. Reflecting heat off the home is what the roof is designed to do, especially here in Florida. It’s part of what helps control our energy costs and keeps us cool inside.

Now, imagine there is debris, algae, and mold on your roof, covering the very instrument of reflection. All this debris instead absorbs those hot rays, bringing it inside to wreak havoc on your cool home. Your air conditioners are then forced to work overtime, and boy, do they make you pay for it!.

Trusting the Shark Pro Wash experts to deep clean your roof can help not only save the life of your roof but also save you a pretty penny on your next energy bill too.

Time is Money

The truth is: this type of cleaning is time-consuming and potentially dangerous work. If you are not skilled at how to properly soft wash a roof, you risk more damage to the roof, damage to yourself, and could end up costing you more later.

Due to these worries, many people push off having their roofs thoroughly cleaned. However, the longer you wait, the greater the risk of damage from the elements. You will also end up with a much higher bill in repairs down the road.

To preserve your home’s investment and the importance of your time, hiring a professional team for routine roof cleaning maintenance can be a huge relief. This service can protect you from the unknown dangers your roof may present.

Shark Pro Wash is the only expert to call on in the Jacksonville, Fleming Island, and Mandarin, FL areas. We are trained in the science of soft washing your roof to leave it healthy and beautiful. Most importantly, these techniques will never cause damage to your property. We are proud to offer a host of other services that preserve your homes’ beauty and safety conditions, such as house washing, interior cleaning, and screen enclosure cleanings for our communities. Call us today for a free estimate!

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