As the seasons of fun in the sun are here, you’re spending more days with a pitcher of lemonade, burgers cooking on the grill, and family gathered for all the best yard games.

Since you’re outside more, you may be noticing your house exterior isn’t looking as bright and shiny as our spring and summer days. Your home attracts some pretty gross grime and dirt over time on its exterior walls and roof. And that’s not the worst of it…

Time to consider bathing your home! As lovely as it would be, your garden variety hose will not do the trick. Which begs the question: what are the best ways to wash my house? Let’s talk about the benefits of a good scrubbing of your home’s exterior and the best way to do it.

Brand-New Look for a Brand-New Summer

While looks aren’t everything, think about how fabulous you feel when you’ve had a great spa day or dressing dapper for a special occasion. When you look great, you feel great, right? You will feel the same way about your home when it’s squeaky clean.

Your home will look like a brand new place after a great power or soft wash. Looking like it got a fresh coat of paint and a spa weekend away will help you look at your home with pride as you spend your summer nights entertaining friends and family.

A Healthy Home is a Happy One

Remember us mentioning that dirt and grime aren’t the worst of what could be on the surface of your home’s exterior? Mold and mildew in these humid parts are common and dangerous to your family’s health. And what’s more, than cling to a wide variety of materials, siding, and roofs of homes, sometimes unseen until it’s too late.

With a clean soft wash, you can take out those unhealthy organisms on your house exteriors while being friendly to the environment and keeping your home looking great.

Give Your Home the Long Life It Deserves

When the baddies that go unseen like mold and algae creep into the walls, roof, and foundation of your home, that is sure to shorten the life of a well-built space for you and your family.

Replacing big and costly things like the roof or walls can be put off indefinitely when you take good care of your home, inside and out. Regular maintenance is a crucial part of this formula.

Proactivity Can Fatten Your Wallet

You’re starting to see all the benefits of getting a sharp soft wash for your home. It adds significant value to your property; it can help keep your family healthy and improve the longevity of your home altogether.

But, have you thought about the financial aspect? When your biggest investments like your car or home have regular maintenance done on them, it ends up saving you on large, costly projects of damage control and repair.

Be a Friend To Mother Earth

We all know that harmful chemicals are no good for our yards, health, or planet. We know loads of people who have asked, “Well, won’t pressure or soft washing add some terrible chemicals to my property?” No way, friends!

The cool thing about pressure washing is it literally just water, with the power of air behind it. When a lot of pressure is pushing behind the water, it turns the water into a cleaner all on its own.

Sometimes pressure washing is just a little much for some surface materials and depending on how high the pressure is. It can even damage some surfaces. Enter in soft washing! While some disinfectants are involved in the soft washing process, they are completely biodegradable and safe for your plants, pets, and people. Way to be green!

Make Way For a Fresh Coat

If you plan on changing things up in a big way for your home, pressure or soft washing ahead of big changes will give you a clean canvas.

Painting your home, fixing any damage, even repaving your driveway or patios is best done after you have the surfaces of your property properly cleaned.

Time is Better than Cash

While a great many things can be replaced by material value, time is not one of those things. The value of your time is precious. Spending priceless time on replacing or fixing exteriors of your home is time well spent on much more fun adventures.

When you invest in pressure or soft washing your home, you’re paying the utmost respect to your valuable time. Time saved creates memories and can even translate to money. Saving your time is an activity that can’t be measured in traditional ways.

What It’s Made of Makes a Difference

It’s important to know which route to choose when deciding the best method for giving your home spa treatment. Many people don’t want the use of chemicals, so they might choose to pressure wash. While that’s a great choice, it isn’t always the perfect one depending on the material your home is made of.

Consulting with experts in power washing methodology could save you from dangerously damaging your home. Due to its very nature, pressure washing can cause severe damage to some materials, like wood. Soft washing may work great on materials like this but may not be quite powerful enough for others.

Kick Back and Relax

Pressure and soft washing equipment can be astronomically expensive. Not an investment a typical homeowner is going to want to make. Hire the pros with bite! Shark Pro Wash has cultivated its expertise on the best time to pressure, power, or soft wash.

We’ve circled the industry with our house washing, roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, and screen enclosures skills. Jacksonville, Fleming Island, Orange Park, Oak Leaf, and Mandarin are communities that deserve only the best quality work and customer experience that SharkProWash provides. We are committed to making JAWS drop!

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