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Our Mission

Superior customer service remains our focus. As a result, we strive for honesty and transparency with our clients. We are always reliable. Our team aims to provide a stress-free experience. As a result, you can always expect us to come to work on time with a positive attitude. You can also expect a personalized experience. We consider ourselves to be the apex predators of professionalism!

About the Owner

Joel Degville is an expert in his industry. With almost ten years of experience, he has had the opportunity to professionally clean the homes of celebrities and CEOS alike. He understands what it takes to maintain a property and he’s ready to share his expertise with you! He understands how to moderate water pressure and knows when it is more appropriate to use soft washing techniques. This means that there is no risk of damage to your property when working with Joel’s team!

Joel developed his company with the intent to provide exceptional customer service and quality professional cleaning. It is his personal goal to raise the standards of his industry. He moves closer and closer to this goal each and every day.

Even in his personal life, Joel finds opportunities for cleaning everywhere. He often does restoration or pressure washing projects for fun on the weekends. He also spends his free time outdoors with his partner Shannon and their son and dog. Their company theme grew from their son’s love of Baby Shark.

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What can SharkProWash do for you?

We are here to improve your health and safety conditions. Joel and his team strive to provide the highest quality pressure washing and soft washing services in the greater Jacksonville area. They carefully comb your property after the work is finished to ensure perfect results. By removing mold, dust, dirt, mildew, and bacteria, breathing conditions improve and the risk of sickness is reduced. The SharkProWash team can also remove mold and other slippery materials from the surfaces of driveways and sidewalks. This reduces the chance of slips and falls on your property.

Improve the look of your property

Our attention to detail is matched by others in our industry. We do not leave your property until it is pristine. We are so confident in our services that we offer a satisfaction guarantee! We will not leave your property until you are 100% satisfied. If we cannot resolve the issue, we will issue a refund!

What Are Our Goals?

Joel has big dreams for the pressure washing industry. He has heard the customer service horror stories and he wants to do better! He believes the standards can be raised. Joel and his team remain focused on customer service and quality. It is his goal to provide all his clients with a seamless and stress-free experience from start to finish.

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We Are Here To Serve You!

Dive into success with SharkProWash Exterior Cleaning! Just like the mighty predators of the ocean, we are determined to make a splash in the cleaning industry. Our team’s relentless pursuit of excellence and unrivaled expertise ensures that we leave no dirt or grime behind. We are the true apex predators of cleanliness, delivering a service that leaves your property sparkling like the gleaming teeth of a great white shark. With our dedicated professionals swimming through every job, we guarantee a ferocious clean that will leave you awestruck. Give the Sharks a call and let us propel you to new heights of satisfaction and admiration. Embrace the power of the Shark and unleash the untamed force of cleanliness today.

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