Windows, the Eyes of Your Home: Why We Want Them Sparkling

As part of your spring cleaning regimen, it’s probably reasonably standard for you to get a thorough window cleaning done while you’re decluttering and rearranging. Getting a good window cleaning done inside it’s relatively simple, although sometimes very frustrating (those darn streaks!). and the outside? Forget about it!

Let’s go over the finer points on why window cleaning inside and out is so essential to your home – and why sometimes the best path is to hire the perfect pros to do so.

Preserve the Light In Their Eyes

The longevity of your home depends on how well maintained it continues to be throughout the years. This doesn’t just fall on things like your roof, foundation, or landscaping. The health of your home also falls on more specific items that you may not think about: your windows, for example.

Without a thorough cleaning as part of your routine home maintenance, your windows may only last half the time that they should. Most windows today should last at least 20 years in your home. Unless you’re getting them sparkling regularly, you may end up having to go through incredibly costly replacements much more frequently.

Save Our Air!

Let’s clear the air here: cleaning your windows is not only healthier for you but healthier for the air in general. You see, when windows are not cleaned inside and out regularly, they can grow things off the dust like mold and mildew. When those spores get in the air, they can wreak havoc on your family’s health and the air quality on the whole. So be environmentally friendly, friends, and get those windows sparkling!

Your Energy Bill Will Thank You

We love being able to give our friends great tips on how to save money. One of the best ways to save money is by investing in routine window cleaning. We know that seems to follow the adage of spending money to make money, but if it works, that doesn’t fix it (another cliché, we know)

When your windows are not at their best, the unfortunate side effect affects the heating and cooling from inside your home. It diminishes the quality of the windows themselves, so you end up spending more on heating and cooling.

As You Can Clearly See…

When you’re gazing out your window on a lovely spring day, you don’t want to be having to question whether your eyes need a checkup. The haze you see is not a result of poor vision on your part.

Part of what you love about where you live is your ability to look around at the landscape around you. Unfortunately, that’s very difficult to do when a film of gunk covers your windows from top to bottom. Cleaning them regularly will make you see clearly again.

Beat the Buildup

Buildup on your windows is more than just a matter of dirt or grime. Unfortunately, that dirt and grime can be made of tiny shards of sand and things that can cut the actual glass of your window. This buildup can essentially cause damage to your window that won’t make them function the way that it should.

Keep Your Curb Appeal

Just like looking out of your windows and seeing a haze of gross film is not optimal; people looking into your windows and seeing the same is unsightly. When it comes time to find a new buyer for your home, increasing that curb appeal is always fundamental.

When your windows are gleaming, the light reflects off them so lovely – it is sure to appeal to anyone who happens to come to your curb.

Stay Safe, Our Dear Friends

There are a plethora of reasons why hiring professionals to do specific jobs around your property is a wise investment. One of the clearest and most powerful ones is your safety.

Sometimes the job is not one that you have developed the necessary skills for and therefore can become incredibly dangerous for you to undertake on your own without professional intervention.

Considering that ladders and heavy equipment are a significant part of the recipe for professional window cleaning, undertaking this job is definitely something better left to the experts.

Best Supplies Create Best Quality

We can almost guarantee we will not find some of the best equipment and detergents to get your windows brand new in feel and look simply lying about your garage. But, the good news for you is we have more than enough to service your home and get those windows gleaming.

Professionals have invested their time and money into facilitating the right equipment for the job as well as the appropriate skill set to serve your home and grant you clear eyes to the world.

Freedom!! (Of Your Time)

Making sure that you have the equipment all setup, all of the cleaning agents ready, and then actually going to each window of your home and thoroughly cleansing it inside and out is not exactly what one would call a quick project, especially if you’re running a one-man-band.

However, a team of experts that can come in and evaluate has a better chance of making sure that they are good to go and can get you taken care of in no time without wasting any of it. Your time, especially on the weekends when this sword of responsibility would fall on you, is precious and limited. So let us take this chore off your hands so you can spend more time gazing out your clean windows.

Let Us Open Your Eyes

Be the chomp-ian of your home and chews the right team of pros to make your windows fin-tastic. SharkProWash has the right equipment to take a bit out of grime on your windows, driveways, roof, screens, and more. There’s no-fin we wouldn’t do for our amazing customers – we’re famous for results that make JAWS drop!

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