With the arrival of spring, and the swift approach of summer, we are looking at the outdoor season:

  • Grilling
  • Relaxation with a drink in your hand
  • Spending quality time with your family

So many of these activities take place in various spots in your outdoor living area, and many of them on your deck. It can certainly ruin a great spring and summer vibe when your wood decks look dingy – or worse; someone gets hurt because there is damage.

When taking good care of your yard space in your outdoor spring cleaning, making sure your wood decks are up to par should be an essential part of this routine. Wood decks require some special care, and there are helpful steps to make it easier.

Give Your Decks a Good Checkup

Ouch! You stepped out on your deck, barefoot, ready to start your morning with a nice cup of coffee while watching the sunrise – when suddenly, your toe feels the sting of a splinter!

Wood for your decks is a great natural way to make your outdoor living spaces simply the best. However, there are some challenges that they present that materials like concrete don’t.

Regularly checking over your wood decks for any sort of loose boards, nails, or any other damage can help save you costly and difficult deck replacements later.

Safety First!

Loose boards and nails can be a wee bit more of a mood killer than an annoying splinter. Sometimes it’s a simple fix like hammering in a nail or replacing one.

There are times where it can be a matter of a board that has been warped or broken and needs more extensive work. Replacing a board may require several moving cogs, such as making sure the size and type of wood are accurate.

All the work required to ensure your deck is not damaged may be difficult but worth it when it comes to keeping friends and family safe.

Give Your Deck the Royal Treatment

Now that you have set up a regular schedule of checking your deck over for any damage (at least a good look over every few weeks is a great start), it’s time to plan for your next regular maintenance effort for your wood deck.

Set up your wood deck for success by getting it soft-washed! This is an essential, at least once a year, task that can make your deck look shiny and new and helps protect its overall integrity. The methodology to making your deck look its best can differ from job to job.

You can help your pro with the project by tackling your deck with a good cleaning first. Scrubbing the deck doesn’t just apply to your pirate buddies. It can give your deck a great prep job for the soft washing coming around the corner. (If you have the time for this prep, that is great! But it is certainly not required!) Regular cleaning of your railings is recommended to improve health and safety conditions for your family. 

Make sure you take your grill and awesome furniture out of the equation. You want to make sure they are protected and that they are out of the way for the experts to do their job efficiently. The right team should be able to handle this task for you, but not all do! 

Protect the Area Around Your Deck

As strange as it may sound, if you have any greenery surrounding your decking, on or around it, make sure to protect that as well, whenever you are undertaking a deep cleaning. This will protect your plants from any possible damage or chemicals that may be used.

Sometimes a soft wash may not be enough to protect your wood from damage. You may need to refinish your deck over time. Maybe it’s time for a brand new look and feels to your showcase with a new stain? Make sure you seal it in, too, for ultimate protection!

Decorating Tips That Help Your Deck

Now that your deck looks like it was just added to your home, fresh and new as the morning dew, you will likely add back your patio furniture into the equation, preparing to host your first BBQ of the season.

It might be time to find some new furniture to rock your patio, giving you a perfect chance to bring out the interior (or exterior) decorator in you.

Throughout the season, another helpful tip is to make a move – move your furniture around to a variety of spots on the deck so you may reduce the risk of sun damage and water spots.

How the Pros Can Really Make a Difference

Looking at the honey-do list of activities to get your wood deck summer-ready can feel a bit daunting. Some of it looks like fun (picking out a new stain, purchasing and arranging sweet new furniture), while some of it… not so much.

You may want to consult some experts on just the right way to go about replacing part of the deck if needed. That task can be overwhelming and complex, so speaking with your hardware helpers to find out exactly what you need for a job done right is essential.

In full transparency, a lot of these chores can be dangerous without a little professional backing. Treating your deck to some new sealant is one thing, but correctly soft washing it is quite another.

There can be many inherent dangers to pressure washing or soft washing any of the exteriors of your home. Whether it’s your fences, screens, windows, or house, pressure or soft washing is a meticulous skill that requires an expert touch.

Caring for your wood deck is no different. The pros at SharkProWash have built a solid reputation in providing a stress-free experience – which, in our opinion, is the only kind of experience to have.

With experience in providing exceptional customer service, using only the best quality equipment, SharkProWash is committed to serving the Jacksonville, Fleming Island, and Mandarin areas with JAW dropping service in a snap!

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