You may be reading this blog and asking yourself, what is soft washing? You wouldn’t be alone if you were. Many people don’t know what soft washing is – much less that there are three different types of washing using the power of water to get things clean. 

While there are three types of power washing – power, pressure, and soft – we will be primarily discussing the benefits of pressure washing and soft washing. The processes are different for each, and what surfaces you use each on are different, while both serving to get exteriors sparkling. 

Pressure Washing

When You’re Looking to Harness the Power of H2O

When you think “pressure washing,” you likely have the right idea in your mind, or at least something close. Many folks don’t differentiate between pressure and power wash, although there is a significant difference. 

Pressure washing uses machines that produce high pressure behind water and use that water to clean a variety of surfaces. Power washing is when heat is added to that pressure and is really only used for specific surfaces.

Pressure washing can be fantastic to watch – it’s a little awe-inspiring to see gross stuff like dirt, grime, and dangerous things like mold, break their way loose from a surface by the sheer power of water.

When Your Patio Needs Some Prettying

Likely, your patio acts as a catch-all for things like the mud on your shoes or the soil from your flowerbeds after a great day of gardening. While you may invest the time to sweep your patio clear of these things, we promise – you aren’t getting it all.

Materials like concrete are highly porous and therefore are prone to absorb into its tiny holes all the dirt and gross things you don’t want to track in your house. Great use for a patio, right? True – but eventually, all that stuff will fill up those tiny holes to overflowing. The best way to get a brand new patio out of your existing patio is a good pressure wash!

When Your Driveway Isn’t So Divine

Ah, your driveway – often the temporary home of your parked cars, bikes, RVs, and more plays a big part on your property. It’s where your kids learn to ride a bike, where you chat with neighbors casually, or where a full one means a full swing party at your place. With all this activity, you want to keep it safe! A lot more than just dirt tends to build up on a driveway.

Being made of concrete, most driveways could benefit tremendously from a good – and regular – pressure wash. Tackling the oils and fluids that tend to build upon a driveway is a good idea at least once a year.

When Your Walkways Aren’t as Wonderful

Our walkways are incredibly important! They serve as the pathways to our homes, the very heart of our families. 

To keep them from the risk of cracking, breaking, and getting a residue buildup that can cause problems, our walkways deserve frequent cleanings. While you may tackle these with a broom for regular maintenance, sometimes the strength of a pressure wash will make your walkways look and feel like they were just installed.

When You Live in a House of Concrete or Brick

While most homes today are built of different stuff than cement or brick, some houses are standing tall and beautiful made from these materials still. As such, they may require a little more care to maintain their structure well. 

Since concrete, cement, and brick can all take the pressure, if you’re looking for a fantastic exterior cleaning experience, a good pressure wash could benefit homes made of these materials. 

Soft Washing

When You Feel Too Much Pressure

Some materials buckle under too much pressure and can’t handle a pressure wash’s strength without sustaining damage. That’s why for materials like wood, stucco, and many metals, soft washing is the answer. 

Ecofriendly chemicals paired with some of the pressure of a pressure wash will help chomp away at all the yuck on your exteriors without risking them harm. 

When Your Deck Isn’t So Delightful

Wood is pliable enough that pressure washing can do some severe damage but strong enough to hold our parties and outdoor entertainment well on our fantastic decks. Of course, all this foot traffic means cleaning is a must to prevent the bad stuff from sitting too long. 

Soft washing works excellently at removing all the stuff that your decks gather that can stick and cause things like mold or algae. Much like your driveway, a powerful soft wash is recommended at least once a year.

When Your Home Exterior is Extra Dirty

One of the worst invaders for your home is the ones that can damage your health. Mold and mildew can genuinely be a danger to your family’s health. While this may all seem like it would be a job for cleaning the inside of your home, exterior cleaning will help minimize the risk of it spreading inside.

Soft washing your home’s exterior is a great way to take a bite out of grime and mold!

When Your Screen Enclosures Scream for Attention

Your screened enclosure does a great job of protecting the patio from the elements – but what’s going to protect your screens? Soft washing any of your screens enclosures is a gentle and effective way to keep your screens in great shape, minimize the risk of damage to them, and letting them do the job they are designed to do.

When Your Fence Needs a Fresh Look

A fence is made of many different materials, but some are relatively thin. For this reason, a pressure wash may do more harm than good. Enter the not-so-strong power of soft washing!

Soft washing will take away all those grimy streaks not so gracefully gracing your fences just as effectively as pressure washing would.

Shark Pro Wash knows the science of pressure and soft washing, serving Jacksonville, Fleming Island, and Mandarin, FL with pride. At Shark Pro Wash, you can trust us to deliver instant results that will drop JAWS!

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