Unsafe Waters – Common Threats to Your Exteriors

When everyone thinks of the most dangerous events that can happen to homes, their minds often travel to catastrophes like fire, tornado, and theft. And rightfully so – these circumstances are terrifying in the sheer amounts of damage they can do to people and property.

Many other less severe threats face the exteriors of your home and property, ones that have the potential to become more severe over time. These threats slowly circle your home, sometimes unnoticed, until it’s too late. Next thing you know, these terrors have taken a bite out of your time, your wallet, and your property value.

What are these threats under the surface of your calm waters – and what can be done to make them look for other feeding grounds?

Where the Wind Blows

When we are talking winds, we aren’t talking the gentle spring breezes that keep us outside here in Florida, enjoying the sunshine before you’re sent running for the air-conditioned hills. Instead, we are talking about the winds that usher in our afternoon thunderstorms. The winds that guide in hurricanes who wanna take a trip to Disney World.

Winds that are stronger and consistent, but not hurricane or tornado force, can certainly be tricky, as they can cause damage to your property little by little. Even the light winds carry with it pollen, dirt, and grime that sticks to your home, fence, and roof surfaces. As these things gather, they can cause deterioration to the surfaces and a massive headache for you.

Done You Dirty

Speaking of dirt, grime, dust, sand, pollen – you get the point – and more, the buildup of these can be a significant issue for the exteriors of your home, patios, fences, and more. On the less extreme end, these little bits of nastiness can take your home from looking fab to looking drab. In addition, the accumulation of these can dull your property’s aesthetic, which can significantly lower your home’s value.

Even more severe than this, though, is the risk for significant damage caused by the buildup of dust, grime, and more. Pollen stuck on a home’s exterior surfaces means that every time any allergy sufferers enter and leave the house, they are at risk for attack. Leaves that get blown about will clog the gutters, causing potentially damaging drainage issues. And dirt and grime allow for attracting pests and mold.

Oil Spills are Not Slick

It is super easy to forget your driveway when considering the health of your home’s exteriors – and it’s easy to do, so no judgment here. Your driveway is just a place to park your cars, right? So it’s not like your driveway is a bed of roses or anything that you need to invest a bunch of time worrying about, is it?

Maybe you should. Your driveway is indeed a premier place to park your car – and vehicles are constantly leaking minute amounts of fluids, like oil, even when they are at their healthiest. These spots of fluid may seem relatively unimposing, but they are silent destroyers of pavement – and a danger to grocery-wielding folks everywhere. That oil leak you’ve been ignoring? It’s creating some slick pavement that can cause falls and cracks in the surface, both costly and devastating.

If It Bugs You, It Bugs Your Exteriors

Pests are gross, undesirable, unwanted – they are called pests for a reason. Pests that make your home their home or even worse. Unfortunately, there is an unfortunately long list of pests that can infest your waters like insects, rodents, mothers-in-law (although that is an entirely different blog topic), and more.

Pests are also attracted to dirty surfaces, making nests out of your nest when dirt and grime, comfy beds of dead leaves in gutters, and dirty crevices of decks and fences easily and quickly. Pests are also problematic to get rid of entirely, as there are just so many of them. However, keeping your surfaces in pristine shape goes a long way in keeping them away.

Age Before Beauty

Your goal when creating a home out of your property is most often longevity. You want a home that will last you a very long time and not cost an arm and leg doing it. That’s the dream, right? This dream can absolutely be a reality – if proper maintenance is regularly and thoroughly conducted.

If your home, decks, fences, and roof are allowed to have a buildup of the not-so-nice stuff, it is guaranteed to age your house faster than it truly needs to. In addition, all the things that will damage your home can do so by causing erosion to occur, as all the surfaces of the exteriors are prone to breaking down under the duress of dirt, mold, and pests.

Breaking Mold

Let’s talk about the HUGE elephants in the room: mold and mildew. These spores are dangerous in way too many ways. The findings of the number of folks who have allergies related to mold is astounding and frightening – especially here in Florida, where rain reigns supreme.

Mold and mildew hide away in plain sight, challenging to distinguish amongst the dirt and grime, leaves, and nests that may run rampant when left unchecked. Unfortunately, their very nature also allows them to travel through walls, breaching the inside of your safe haven. The largest ray of hope is that clean surfaces combat the sticking power of mold, so regular maintenance of the exteriors can help fight it off.

Booping the Threat on the Nose

Much like any predator, looking for the opportunity to strike with attack, a well-prepared and hyper-aware prey can become the predator themselves. This may take a team’s coordinated effort to combat these nasties – and we are just the team to help!

Shark Pro Wash offers all the services needed to eliminate these threats to your home’s exteriors and the hard surfaces of your property. Our pressure and soft washing services not only get your home looking fin-tastic, but we also keep your home swimming right along with the current of its long, long life. After all, we offer results that make JAWS drop!

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