There are so many cool videos out there now of oddly satisfying things to watch available for people now: whether it be weird medical procedures, frozen bubbles, or area rug transformation, we find something strangely relaxing in watching these activities take place. Weirdly, one of the most common satisfying things to watch today is pressure washing – and we can see why.

Watching an area be blasted with good ol’ H2O and viewing in awe as dirt, grime, and debris melt off the surface that you thought was already clean is fascinating. So fascinating that many have jumped on board with trying to buy expensive and often ineffective power washing equipment to tackle their homes without understanding the dangers and challenges this may present.

Pressure Washing, Power Washing – Tomato, Tomahto

The terms pressure washing and power washing to the layman are fairly interchangeable – which is precisely why laymen should not be pressure washing their homes on their own without professional guidance and help.

While power washing is a type of pressure washing, the two are different. They are similar in that they use high amounts of pressure to blast water out of specific pinpoint nozzles to eliminate dirt, grime, and other nasty things off of a surface. But this is where the similarities virtually end.

Power washing is pressure washing with a kick: hot, hot water. The water’s temperature changes how the surface is sanitized and what surfaces can be used by the process, as many types of materials can be seriously damaged with the process. Power washing also requires very specific equipment that’s super heavy duty, therefore meant for more commercial type properties – and only to be operated by the pros.

Pressure washing doesn’t involve hot water and requires slightly less sophisticated equipment. The most popular surface types for pressure washing in residential communities are spaces where people walk: patios, pathways, and other surfaces made of stone. While sometimes pressure washing is the answer to cleaning the exterior of a home, that is dependent on what that exterior is made of. 

There’s a Third Method? What’s Soft Washing?

Most don’t realize that when you hire a pro to be deep clean the exterior of your home, they are often not using pressure or power washing at all. A common and very effective method of cutting into the impurities outside a home is soft washing. The name “soft washing” is due to the amount of pressure used for the job is cut in half.


Most would assume the drastic loss of pressure to do a job that is only half as good – however, this is not quite the case. To supplement the loss of this pressure, certain chemicals are used to help breakthrough all that caked-on stuff. We are pretty sure all you read in that last part is “chemicals” and are likely raising a brow.

Chemicals, in this case, is not a dirty word! While the power behind power washing is great, it sometimes is too much of a good thing, therefore damaging to homes. The chemicals used in the soft washing process:

  • Are entirely eco-friendly, so you won’t risk damaging your yards, lawns, flowerbeds, or gardens.
  • Do the work of the missing pressure by cleaning all the debris and microorganisms that can exist in the pores of your exterior.
  • Work on a huge variety of surface materials such as wood panels, stucco, cedar shake siding, and even outdoor furniture.

Soft washing is such a versatile cleaning method. It even works on screen enclosures!

When You Say “Dangerous”…?

You still may be questioning the value of hiring a pro for getting the job done when you may feel that it can’t be THAT hard. Plus, we’ve talked about how satisfying it is to watch a good pressure wash happen, but could it be more satisfying to be the one to do it?

The short answer to all that is a resounding PLEASE hire a professional pressure washer. Trust us. When we mention that there are dangers involved, we meant it. There are many dangers that the work involved presents, and we don’t want to see a job poorly done at the least – or at worst, someone gets seriously hurt.

One of the dangers presented that is often put to the side is the danger of ladder work. A resounding 97% of ladder injuries occur at home. This isn’t even accounting for the bulky equipment needed to transport and use while on the ladder involved in the pressure washing process.

Then there is the pressure washing itself. When we speak of pressure, we talk about breaking bones, slicing digits off, really, REALLY high pressure. Even with a soft washing process, the pressure used to get rid of all that bad stuff on your surfaces is dangerously high and not something to be trifled with. Our professionals are trained in the most effective and safest techniques to get the job done just right for your home!

Why Are Any of These Especially Good for My Property?

Other than being mesmerizing to watch, there are other awesome benefits to having your exterior surfaces power, pressure, or soft washed by one of our experts. Some benefits are good for you, some for the planet, and some are just good-looking!

  • Getting rid of mold and mildew will help your and your family’s health – inside and outside. Mold and mildew can travel from outside in and put your family’s health at risk. A good pressure washing can help eliminate that.
  • Because all we are using is water, and in the case of soft washing eco-friendly chemicals, we aren’t bogging down the environment with all sorts of harmful materials.
  • Part of what makes pressure washing so cool to watch is seeing the instant and long-lasting results of a before and after. Your home will look fresh and new after our job is done!

Shark Pro Wash are the pros you can trust in the Jacksonville, Fleming Island, and Mandarin, Fl area. We know the “pressures” of how to thoroughly treat your home’s exterior surfaces, walkways, patios, and even screening. Call us today for a free estimate!

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